If you Can Crochet, you Can Make Barbie Doll Clothes

barbie doll clothes

Most people who have made doilies, motifs, edgings or insertions at some time. The wonderful thing about crochet is that you can easily change the size by using smaller thread or a smaller hook. Beading adds a wonderful look to . Any motif can be filled in or very lacy; simply place the lacy motif over a piece of fabric lining and tack the corners.

Barbie's dimensions are: Bust: 6" Waist: 3 3/4" Hips: 5"

Crochet any square motif. You will want it an inch wider than Barbie's shoulders. Crochet a beading row and run small ribbon through the beading. Tie around Barbie's shoulders.

Each skirt will have either elastic thread around the top to make a full skirt or sew up the back to 1" from the top and put ribbon beading around the top. Also remember to leave enough elastic to tie. Crochet several small motifs and join (this can be made in different colours for a patchwork look).

Crochet one large motif for the bottom of the apron and a smaller motif for the apron bib. Crochet beading on the top of each motif and join the two motifs. Run ribbon through the beading for ties.

barbie doll clothes

To make an easy top: Use your favourite insertion pattern. A Slinky Dress or Top from Elastic Thread:

Using elastic thread (gold metallic is the fashion right now), crochet a square in sc 5 3/4" wide and choose your length (waist, mini, knee or full length). This dress will be sleeveless and slide onto Barbie. Run ribbon through beading. Technorati : : Zooomr : Flickr :

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