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High School Musical Fashion Dolls Toy Review
By Katie Byrd

If you have kids like I do and you don't live under a rock then you have most likely heard of the latest phenomenon: . If you haven't chances are that your children have but just in case here is a quick run down. This is based around the lives of several high school students that attend East High School. Some of the characters include Troy, the basketball star, Gabriella, the math whiz and then there's stuck-up Sharpay, to name a few.

The first High School Musical was released in 2006, since then it has become an international event. The third movie which is due to be released in the fall of 2008 follows the students in their senior year and is sure to be as much as a success as its earlier counterparts. Children everywhere want to collect the merchandise of their favorite characters, and your kids are probably no exception.

If your daughter loves High School Musical, I know mine does, then a great gift this holiday season is a set of the High School Musical . The High School Musical Fashion Dolls are modeled after the movies favorite characters. The Fashion Dolls include:

· Gabriella - This lovable High School Musical Fashion Doll comes with one of the outfits Gabriella wears in High School Musical 2, and an outfit made for a day at the beach

· Troy- This version includes an outfit Troy wears in the movie as well as a pair shorts, tank top and flip flops for a day at the beach

· Sharpay - Just like the other High School Musical Fashion Dolls, Sharpay includes an outfit the Sharpay character wore in the film as well as a trendy purse and a beach outfit like the others

· Chad- Like the other Dolls, Chad's doll includes an outfit similar to the one featured as well as stylish board shorts for the beach

· Taylor- Like the other Dolls, Taylor includes an outfit that Taylor wore in the movie and a bathing suit for the beach

· Ryan -Just as the other Dolls, Ryan's doll includes an outfit from the movie and an outfit for the beach

fashion dolls

There are six dolls in total, why not get your daughter all six for the holiday? She will be thrilled to receive the High School Musical Fashion Dolls and can spend hours recreating her favorite scenes straight from the movies from the comfort of your home. So why not inspire her imagination and give her the gift that keeps on giving. Who knows you might just end up the coolest parent on the block!

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