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Barbie and Ken: Fun and Easy Ballroom Dance Costumes
By Fran Matthews
Now your dolls Barbie and Ken can perform and compete with pride as they showcase call made costumes ballroom dance designed especially for them. Barbie can slip in style in beautiful dresses and feather boas while she dances the waltz, fox-trot or with his beautiful partner, Ken. He may be wearing a costume consisting of coordination to hit the socks off any panel of judges. Or, you can design costumes Latin with red roses and black flashy fabrics chosen to strike a fire, burning the dance floor, and intimidate other competitors like Barbie and Ken perform advanced tango, rumba or mambo routine.
ken dollAnd do not forget the fun you can have with fringe and other embellishments as you jive and swing dance costumes to highlight their not complicated.
The possibilities are endless! Being able to design and sew your own costumes for ballroom dancing to Barbie and Ken will help you create whatever you want, and here are some tips on how to do:
1. Start with the standard models of Barbie and Ken clothes. You can buy these in most fabric stores and craft websites. Monitor sales pattern, and you can save money. You probably will not find real reasons doll ballroom dancing, but you can select some suitable for dresses, suits, or whatever you think working with your ideas for costumes.
2. Decide on the style or theme of your costume. For example, when I decided to create a tango costume, I knew I wanted Ken to have pants with a shirt with long sleeves and a frame of coordination. As for Barbie, I wanted her to have a long dress with ruffles on the sleeves. Knowing a little detail like this before will start to accelerate the creative process and let you use your time more effectively.
3. Think about the quality or type of fabric and color. For tango costume, I chose the red and black fabrics in a variety of textures. Velvet, nylon and Lycra are all excellent choices, as they sew easily, and they do not shred on the edges, like many other tissues. In addition, they exhibit excellent stretch factors. Costumes made of these materials are flexible and design dolls well.
ken doll4. Be ready to change your habits. It will be very useful if you can find a model that matches the style you have in mind. But for me, this happens rarely and I usually adjust the pattern to get what I'm looking for. To do this, I buy inexpensive muslin and experiment until I get the perfect fit. Can I use paper to draw the final pattern that I can use it again in the future.
5. Have fun with embellishments! How often you make use of glitter, glam trims, fringes colored, fluffy feathers, or bright and flashy fabrics that glow in the dark? Let imagination be your guide and have fun as you make your selections.
6. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to create your own ballroom costumes Barbie and Ken as long as you are happy with the final product. Your unique designs will be the envy of the doll and many dance lovers. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and textures. Sometimes accidents happen along the way and unexpected style may actually be better than the original. Good luck, enjoy, and let the dancing begin!

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