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patterns dolls

Patterns dolls Review and Tips

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I have two daughters and three grandchildren, so there is always a need for a new doll clothes. Because one of my grandchildren to collect Cabbage Patch Dolls patterns dolls became very attractive to me. He was very pleased with warm clothes, hats, slippers and blankets for dolls. In the process I made some new patterns dolls.

patterns dollsWith patterns dolls you do not have to luxury. You can use color and design for many changes. I found several 18-inch dolls and Cabbage Patch Dolls at flea markets and yard sales just a few dollars each. . I now use them to model my last doll clothes for patterns dolls. Some of the most popular doll will be the American Girl Doll or 18-inch dolls, the Cabbage Patch Dolls and Doll Barbie doll fashions.

Make sure you choose and use the doll clothes patterns that include bags, shoes, hats and jewelry to create a 'total look. Accessory trends to translate into doll clothes patterns: Backpacks are 'out' and mailbags are 'in'.

Must-have boot this season is a leather or suede, knee-high and cut with bangs. Consider adding fringe-trimmed tote bag or bum. Do not forget, doll clothes patterns for American Girl and 18-inch dolls have to convert the popular high-heeled sandals and boots that match the style dolls' flat feet. Now you have a lot of information about a new accessory trends to help you choose clothes pattern doll, doll accessorize and coordinate your wardrobe.

patterns dolls

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