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thumbelina doll

Thumbelina doll is one of the most popular doll produced in the 1960s. He was sweet and fun for young girls and doll collectors around the world. Companies that provided the original Thumbelina doll is the only country in the game of IDAL.

Doll was first coined in the 1960s, and production continued until the 1970s. There are two versions of the original doll, and 20-inch Thumbelina regular and 14-inch Tiny Thumbelina. These buttons dolls early as presents and behind that will cause them to squirm and move in a moment of tension. These movements are designed to mimic the real children. Later, Thumbelina Criers puppet show and the withdrawal of a series of different procedures.

thumbelina dollThumbelina doll has a soft cloth body with parts of the body including the vinyl hands, feet and head. Their eyes and red cheeks are red. Their hands and legs and realistic hair and is fluent. This girl is like a baby is real and act like them too. Thumbelina doll is one of the first doll-like child and realistically through the buttons and pull winding feature series. Thumbelina doll comes with a variety of clothing that can be changed

Collector dolls love to be ideal for Thumbelina doll in the collection. They represent several decades of dolls, known for the production and simplicity of life. Doll made today does not carry with the essence of what makes a simple, realistic looking dolls. This is why in the collection of wine is more satisfying when a game is made for the days when being developed.

Thumbelina doll brought to you again when you're anxious wait to introduce you Christmas holiday, in the hope that it was Thumbelina. If you have Thumbelina doll when I was young, you can still find vintage and rare to add to your collection. Thumbelina doll has beautiful details, in addition to the quality of a real when it comes to doll.

thumbelina doll

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