Japanese Doll

Knitted Or Crochet Miniature Japanese Doll and Animals - Amigurumi means "knitted or crocheted doll" in Japanese. It also defines a unique art form, which japanese dollconquered the hearts of many craftsmen and designers enthusiastically by storm allover the world.

Knitting or knitting japanese doll character or funny animal from a simple string and can be handled even by a beginner. Uncomplicated designs and patterns, which states working in a spiral - not a line, or joining with bullets - which is easy to follow.

For best results, craft Amigurumi using hooks, or knitting needles, smaller than is usually recommended by the manufacturer of yarn. This is done deliberately. Using a smaller size hook or needles produce neater, more compact fabric, a foundation that will not allow entries to pierce through.

japanese dollWith the exception of those funky creations that do not have members of the body, most of whom work in Amigurumi is part and then stitched together. If there is only the head and body, the japanese doll will work as a part of. Body is usually filled with fiber filling, while the extremities can also be formed with plastic pellets. This will give them more weight.

Depending on the materials used, some of the toys, or a collection, with more than japanese dollthe size of a round head, cylindrical body, decoration, and often small limb machine washable. Others only with cleaned by hand, especially those made from materials other than yarn. This miniature japanese doll NOT be given to pets and small children, especially if they are decorated with buttons, beads, plastic eyes, felt pieces, or other removable part. They may turn into choking hazards.

TIP: The knitted japanese doll made in a single crochet stitch. Use stitch marker to mark the end of each round. This makes it easy to remember where one more round to begin. Marker is moved as the progress of work. By Irida Sangemino

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