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Touring Caravans Storage and Insurance Implications.
If like many people you do not have the space on the drive or in a garage to store your Touring Caravan If you're not using it, or just want to put it in a safer environment away from the brunt of winter storms or other dangers, then you might consider one of the many storage facilities are available.

Touring CaravansHowever, you may be worried about the money of these services will cost, and the risk of additional insurance you need to take into account should you choose to follow this path. This brief guide will help you determine whether you are covered and the types of transactions that are right for you. There are three main types of storage are available:

Open Water Storage Sites

This is probably the most cost-effective to save the touring caravans. Usually stored in the open field, and with prices starting from as little as £ 3 a week if you're in the right area, this is an ideal choice for storage in the budget Caravan. Remember that only a limited number of this facility will offer a hard standing area Caravan you will sit comfortably. If only because it left the earth in a field you should consider retaining the safe. The main negative factor of the open-air storage is that the touring caravans you will be faced with the elements all year, and the possibility that it will rarely checked, so any damage or theft will take time to notice.

Undercover Storage Sites

Touring Caravans save you with a company that operates a large system of warehouse or barn has several advantages compared with open-air storage. Touring CaravansThis can be said to be safer as the Caravan will be saved under lock and key, and will not be affected by adverse weather conditions, makes you more confident during the off-season period. However, this service would cost more than the open air storage, although you will get a lot of your money. Some services even include Touring Caravans retrieving pricing for you when you come to pick it up, which is especially useful for people who are not comfortable maneuvering their Caravan in tight spaces.

Permanent siting of the Caravan Sites

This is one of the most convenient options available for those who keep coming Touring Caravansback to the same Caravan sites from year to year. Some sites will offer storage options for the season, which means that the Touring Caravans you will be ready and waiting for you when you return. Such storage is likely to share negative factors are the same as open-air storage, and lack of security of undercover storage, but this is clearly an economical way of dealing with the storage Caravan.

Risk and Insurance Cover

Most Caravan insurance companies will offer policies tailored for Touring Caravans, allows for off-season storage. But read the small print is very important as different policies may cover only certain types of storage options, and if you do not follow their preferences you may loose out. Policies often have a certain security requirements, and you'll usually pay more to cover the period during storage.By George McGonigal

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