Baby Born Doll

Baby Born Doll With Magic Potty
A perfect gift this year for any child is baby born doll with Magic Potty. This doll has a Baby Born Dolllot of realistic features that make for hours playing fun for your child. Instead of dolls, boring stationary, this doll actually interact with your child and teach him some valuable lessons in caring for others. This baby born doll has a feature that simulates nine mother-infant care during the play. This 17 "doll is ready to be guarded and toilet trained, but first he needs a little help. Your child will be able to feed him or let it drink from a bottle, change her diaper, or to begin toilet training in the toilet like a big purple There's even a potty- sound to let you know the training works. Sometimes babies cry, but the magic dot placed in his mouth made him calm and even shut his eyes.

Little girls love to eat and take care of Baby Born Dollbabies messy, but do not forget the dressing-up. Her clothes are removable so that he can take a shower if he's too messy. Plus, the doll has a full arms and legs move so your child can be in a realistic position, and took it with ease when she traveled.

The best part of a toy for adults is not really need a battery for its features. Unlike other "realistic" dolls, baby born doll with Magic Potty is not talking or laughing too much. This means your child can have hours of play, and you will not get even once! By Manuel Merz

Baby Born Doll

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