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How to Be the Most Comfortable Camping Tent ?
Camping tent is a good alternative to an expensive vacation. However, for camping tent to be comfortable, there are some things you need to know and bring together. Camping TentIf you read further below, I'm pretty sure you will learn a lot about how to make camping a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Camping tents require you to equip yourself with the right equipment, food, clothing and other tools useful modern life. Here is a list of important camping that you should never go without.

General Equipment

• Tents must have a screen and current window allows you to see the outside of your tent and protect themselves from insects and other animals in the wild.
• Sleeping bag, air mattress, pump or camp pad. If you want to wake up without pain again, you need one or more of these things. These items will protect the bed is hard to come back from the land surface that can cause back pain and body pathetic nest day.
• Lantern, Fuel, flashlight, extra batteries. Of course, you will need fuel and light. Make sure that you keep them in a safe place to protect them from wet or lost.
• First aid kit. You can personalize your kit depending on your needs. Do not forget to include insect repellants and cut and scraped drugs. This is one of the most important tools that you need to create a comfortable camping experience.
• tent camping supplies include:
* Multipurpose knife
* Ground covers and tarpaulins
* Ropes or twines
* Rags
* The carpet for the front of the tent
* Rain gears
* Toilet paper
* Soap and other essential bathroom

Kitchen Essentials

Camping TentWhen you're camping tent with friends or your family, one of the most important thing that will make your experience memorable is to have the right food. And the ability to cook and prepare properly. Here is a list of essential kitchen that you must bring with you on your camping trip:

• Portable cooking stoves. Do not forget the fuel tube and the game should be sealed in a plastic bag
• Camp chairs, folding tables, plates and glasses, and a can opener and eating utensils.
• Water supply (Cooler and water bottles for hiking.
• Non-perishable food stored in the post-lock plastic or plastic containers.

Entertainment Essentials

Being far away from civilization does not always mean that you must strip yourself the right to be entertained. However, during a camping vacation, the entertainment may be slightly modified to suit your environment. Here are some things you might want to bring with you:

• Books
• Puzzles
• identification books Wildlife
• Binoculars
• Camera
• Card, pencil and paper
• Fishing gear

Camping TentCamping tent should be fun, not boring and it should not cause discomfort. If not, it would defeat the whole purpose of "enjoying" and "relax" on your vacation. Apart from the creativity of this guide is also key. Think of activities you can do day-in and day-out, rain or shine. To plan your vacation in advance so you will have enough time to anticipate and prepare for your needs. By Mark S Myers

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