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Vintage Barbie Collection Guide
You know that Matell estimates that there are 100,000 collectors of Barbie Barbie Collectioncollection dolls, that 90% of them are middle-aged women, and that they are buying up to 20 dolls a year? That made me go when I saw the numbers for the first time, so the vintage Barbie collection dolls are so high today, and valuable for people ho can not take big risks with a limited budget, I created this book that I look at when you buying vintage Barbie dolls.

When you begin to collect vintage Barbie dolls best steps to learn all the details that you need to know about collecting vintage Barbie before visiting flea markets, antique stores, toy stores and other places to buy vintage Barbie dolls, here are some of my best advice I can give rise to a collector.

1) that date. Barbie Collection
As you can see the date was vintage Barbie collection doll is very important so make sure you find time to check the copyright date, the date refers to the year old Barbie dolls and made a start.

TIP: vintage Barbie doll, which has a high value, marked "1958" or "Japan" on the back or marked at the bottom of an achievement.

2) conditions.
One of the most important is the state in general, as vintage Barbie dolls are becoming more valuable as time passes, it is important to carefully examine the general condition, if you see a color change. neck, split, split body, hair that is in poor condition, lip chips, rubbing textures, due to changes in green ears when wearing earrings, missing parts, faded clothing to act, make sure that all the fingers and toes still intact dolls and even color.

3) Barbie doll vintage accessories.Barbie Collection
You should pay attention to the vintage Barbie doll accessories, experts who have gathered over the years say that worthy vintage Barbie dolls is that they wear clothes that are still all the details right, so make sure you always remember that American value enhancements.

4) metal pipes.
Find old Barbie collection dolls are made with metal pipes, if you listen to expert collectors item number one collector of old Barbie doll with a metal pipe inside.

5) Brand Vintage Barbie dolls.
This is a very important council, which is always, and I really mean always check your trademark, the doll will be surprised how much junk available on the market, so check Mattel, Inc mark.

This is a flute of the most important steps to enter the world of Barbie collection vintage Barbie dolls, this is a great hobby and a healthy investment, vintage Barbie dolls are becoming more scarce every day to increase the value of your doll. By Dave Zegers

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