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From the renowned doll maker Madame Alexander's distinctive line of Sweet Baby Nursery Toys, Baby Cuddles is an adorable baby doll with classic features. This soft, cuddly baby doll is sold with eyes that open and close, removable clothing, plus a pair of baby dishes, so children ages three or over can also enjoy feeding and fostering of her.

Baby Cuddles Feeding Baby
Ages: 3+
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The Good: High-quality construction and classic design make to get a long-lasting companion.

The Challenging: Doll is not designed for immersion in water.

In a Nutshell: Classic baby doll with soft and cuddly design, removable clothing and authentic-looking baby dishes.

High-Quality, Nostalgic, Yet Cuddly Design
Baby Cuddles includes a soft cloth body and a head, limbs, hands, and feet manufactured from pliable soft plastic. She is huggable and squeezable, as well as the softness of her body allows her to bend freely in the arms, legs, and neck. And the fine craftsmanship continues: her fingers and toes are detailed with nails, creases, and dimples, and her face plus a few "strands" of hair hold the look of your delicately painted ceramic doll. Baby Cuddles also offers eyes that open and shut with long eyelashes -- a nostalgic touch on the modern doll.

Perfect Playtime Companion
Madame Alexander is renowned for collectible dolls, though the renowned doll company has designed Baby Cuddles particularly for play. Furthermore to her fine construction, Baby Cuddles includes removable clothing and realistic baby dishes, together with a spoon, sippy cup, plate, and bowl.

While a lot of today's baby dolls feature battery-operated crying or moving, children will take pleasure in the simplicity of the doll, which leaves every certainly one of the pretending to their imagination. She can be fed, changed, rocked, and cuddled -- just don't leave her with a genuine bath. Because of her cloth body, she isn't meant to become immersed in water, and really should only be surface cleaned.

What's within the Box
Baby Cuddles doll with removable clothing, bib, and toy baby dishes including a spoon, plate, bowl, and sippy cup.

This huggable, squeezable doll features a cloth body and soft, pliable plastic head and limbs. View larger.

Baby Cuddles includes toy baby dishes together with a spoon, plate, bowl, and sippy cup . View larger.
From the gorgeous variety of Madame Alexander dolls comes Baby Cuddles. She has a soft body with sleepy eyes, plus a vinyl head, arms and legs. This little bundle of joy comes dressed in a very lovely pink outfit, and includes a lot of realistic feeding accessories such like a miniature plate, bowl, spoon and sippy cup. Measures 14" long.

Product Features
Your little girl will love this irrestible collection of lifelike dolls with cuddly soft fabric bodies and vinyl faces, hands and feet
Baby Cuddles is from the Play Alexander Collection
She is 14" long, and has a cloth body
She has an adorable painted face
She is wearing a hot pink and white play outfit
Each comes dressed in an adorable outfit that can be removed and washed. The Feeding Baby also includes bib, plate, spoon

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