Barbie Doll Clothes for Every Occasion

Barbie doll clothes are an important part of the fun of playing with the Barbie doll. When Barbie first came out, the clothes were fashion model outfits. Since then, however, outfits can be worn for almost any occasion or situation. The only limit is the imagination. Children love to play with the exquisite little Barbie clothes and the fun accessories that came with each outfit. Close attention was paid to the design and creation of these tiny clothes. Barbie Doll clothes have hems, zippers, minute buttons and even linings. The quality finish of these dolls clothes was achieved by hand finishing. Every item in Barbie's wardrobe has a tiny cloth label that reads, "Barbie by Mattel." Typically the label would be sewn into the back of the garment at the neck, close to the fastening, or inserted into a seam. These labels gave Barbie clothes their status and also ensured quality. They distinguished them from the many imitation clothes that rapidly became available for purchase. There are certainly plenty of Barbie clothes to choose from to dress your Barbie doll. Where can you find Barbie doll clothes? Obviously you will easily be able to find Barbie doll clothes at retail stores. These stores will certainly have the latest clothes available. However this isn't the only place to find doll outfits for Barbie. A great source to pick up bargains of doll clothes for Barbie is on eBay. Usually the approximate age of the clothes is indicated. You can find vintage or modern Barbie clothes, and they are auctioned in different quantities as well. Handmade Barbie doll clothes are also popular. Patterns for clothes can be found on the internet if you want to make them yourself. You can also buy handmade Barbie clothes also. The advantage of handmade doll clothes is that they are unique, and will be collector's items in the years to come.
by Barbara White

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