The Biography of Barbie Dolls

barbie dolls

Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie attended Willows High School and fictional Manhattan International High School in New York City, based on the real-life Stuyvesant High School. Like Barbie, Ken shares his name with one of Ruth Handler's children. Barbie's careers are designed to show that women can take on a variety of roles in life, and the doll has been sold with a wide range of titles including Miss Astronaut Barbie (1965), Doctor Barbie (1988) and Nascar Barbie (1998).[8]

Mattel has created a range of companions for Barbie, including Hispanic Teresa, Midge, African American Christie and Steven (Christie's boyfriend). Barbie's siblings and cousins were also created including Skipper, Tutti (Todd's twin sister), Todd (Tutti's and Stacie's twin brother), Stacie (Todd's twin sister), Kelly, Krissy, Francie, and Jazzie.

barbie dolls

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