Who is created Barbie and Ken dolls with accessories ?

barbie and kens dolls

Jack Ryan , whose wives included Hollywood actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, surrounded himself with busty ' Barbie ' clones and threw wild orgies at his luxurious Bel-Air, California mansion.

Ryan, who died in 1991 aged 65, designed toys like Barbie and Ken, Hot Wheels and the Chatty Cathy talking doll during his years as a top executive for Mattel.

barbie and ken

Five times married Ryan also indulged in wife-swapping, claims the book.

Even more disturbingly, Ryan's kinky motivations played a part in his design of the world's favourite doll .

'When Jack talked about creating Barbie it was like listening to somebody talk about a sexual episode, almost like listening to a sexual pervert,' Ryan's friend, Stephen Gnass told the author.

Barbie - who is 50 years old in March - and Ken were named after the children of Mattel founders Ruth and Elliot Handler.

Oppenheimer said Ken Handler 'grew up embarrassed and humiliated by having an anatomically incorrect boy doll named after him with no hint of genitalia.'

barbie and ken

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