A Doll's House Unmasked

doll house

Henrik Ibsen's A opens with a playful atmosphere between Torvald and his wife . Torvald manipulates Nora and treats her like a . The apparent joy and good-humored environment present at the Torvald's household is just a way to hide the secrets and differences between the couple. In A Doll's House, when Nora lies about eating macaroons, it can be considered as an example of an ostensibly humorous episode emphasized by a much more serious purpose. It is funny how Torvald asks Nora in a childish manner if she has gone against his will by eating macaroons: "(wagging his finger at her) Hasn't Miss Sweet Tooth been braking rules in town today?" Nora hides the truth by answering that she has not had any macaroons that day. Nora lies about the macaroons twice, first to Torvald and then to Dr. Rank. Rank and Mrs. Linde appear to be involved in a deep conversation about society when Nora breaks up into laughter at the thought of Torvald's power at the bank. "What do I care about tiresome society?" replies Nora. Nora feels the need to lie about eating the macaroons because she feels guilty. The macaroons symbolize Nora's deceptions, which reach the point of committing forbidden acts. Nora fakes her attitude towards her husband in order hide all their faults. Eating the macaroons appears to be an inconsequential action with no importance, but for Nora it is important that Torvald does not find out she has been eating them. doll house

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