Famous Doll Houses From Around the World

doll house

can range from a simple one-room cottage to a great multi-levelled castle of intricate design. Queen Mary's Doll House - Most enthusiasts see this magnificent dollhouse as the marker to which all other doll houses are measured. The house is currently on display at Windsor Castle, open to the public.

Colleen Moore's Fairy - This castle was the brainchild of famous 1920's Hollywood actress Colleen Moore. From Drawing Room with its gold chandelier encrusted with emeralds and pearls to the Weeping Willow in the Magic Garden that sheds real tears into a pool, Queen Mary's Doll House alone rivals the castle's detail. The Fairy Castle is located at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

doll house

Tara's Palace - Tara's Palace was built in 1980 as homage to Titania's Palace, a popular dollhouse in the 1920's. It was designed after three of Ireland's 18th century mansions: Castletown House, Leinster House, and Carton. This modern day palace is on display at Malahide Castle in Dublin, Ireland.

Thorne Miniature Rooms - This last dollhouse isn't so much of a dollhouse as it is a series of ninety-nine wonderfully detailed miniature rooms. Most of them can be found in the Art Institute of Chicago, twenty more at the Phoenix Art Museum, another nine at the Knoxville Museum of Art, and one a piece at the Indianapolis Children's Museum and the Kaye Miniature Museum in Los Angeles.

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