Book Review of "A Doll's House"

doll house

This book happens to be a play that contains suspense throughout the . It is about Nora and Torvald Helmer. Nora doesn't seem to care about going in debt. Unknown to Torvald, Nora has borrowed money from Nils Krogstad. He works for Torvald. Nora gave Torvald a bond with her father's signature on it. Nils confronts Nora about the signature. Nora also finds out that Torvald is going to fire Nils. After Nils has been let go, he tells Nora that he has written a letter to Torvald about Nora's secret. Nora tells Mrs. Linde about the situation. Nora wants to stop Torvald from getting the letter. Will Torvald find out Nora's secret? The suspense builds when Nora's secret is revealed to the reader's. I recommend this play to anyone who enjoys reading plays with an element of suspense.

book dollhouse

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