The Miniature Doll House Fascination

What fascinates them about seeing familiar objects in a tiny, realistic form?

miniature dollhouse

Much more than a child's plaything, building , and ultimately and furnishing them in a theme of your choice, has become an adult hobby. Personally, my

interest lies in antique miniatures and dolls, more so than in modern works. The strange thing about that is the fact that antique pieces were seldom created with a true eye to scale, and scale is of utmost importance to me when viewing modern miniatures.

The involved in creating tiny little porcelain dolls, with jointed limbs, often hand blown inset glass eyes, real mohair wigs is amazing. Add to that the primitive conditions within the factories that many of these dolls were created in, adds to my amazement. Manufactured doll house furnishings of this era, were often made in Germany as were the little dolls. (sorry Chrysenbon) If bathroom fixtures are representing porcelain pieces, then do not make them in wood! Some enthusiasts enjoy making all of their own furnishings and accessories, even their own dolls. Some crafters make such exquisite pieces that the prices can command as much as their full size counterparts. There are miniature artists, who paint on tiny canvases each work of art is a one of a kind painting. Other artists paint on tiny plates, even buttons as canvases.

miniature dollhouse

There are miniature artists who do miniature needlepoint, knitting, rug making and pottery as well as wood workers.

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