Doll Houses Aren’t Just for Girls

girl dollhouse

The is inundated with toys and miniatures geared towards young girls. When you think of boys' toys, the assumption is that boys need trucks, action figures, or sporting goods like a new baseball, basketball, or hockey stick. Yet, there is a small market of boy's dollhouses.

You won't find any of these dollhouses in the regular toy section as you'd find the normal dollhouses. Over the years, "dollhouses" for boys have taken on themes such as Castle Grey Skull from the He-Man series and the G.I. Joe Command Headquarters Command Centre. Both these fortresses contained some of the same imaginative elements as a regular dollhouse: functioning doors, moveable pieces, and places to sit your "" down after a long day.

girl dollhouse

Even today, you can find a boy's "" in the form of Captain Jack Sparrow's ship, The Black Pearl, from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. NASA even has model space stations, shuttles, and action figures for your would-be astronaut.

The only limitation in knowing what can be considered a boy's dollhouse is the extent of one's imagination. The next time you think about dollhouses as a gift, don't forget about all the young boys in your life. Technorati : : Zooomr : Flickr :

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