Growing Your Collection: How to Choose the Right Doll House Kit

Doll House Kit

Enter the of Greater St. Louis in Missouri. In here, exhibits are akin to legacies, and they communicate a part of the original owners' passion and artistry to the museum's patrons everyday.

Concerned that their children were not as enthusiastic as they were about their miniature collection, or that they did not have the space to store and exhibit their collection, these ladies envisioned a museum that would their work.

dollhouse kit

Originally, the group's collection can be found at the Miniature World Museum in St. Charles. Today, the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis is not just home to the original founders' collection, but displays donated collections from other enthusiasts and museums that closed as well.

The highlights that this museum offers include the sponsorship of two miniature shows annually: the Gateway Miniature Fair and the Garage Sale. In these much-anticipated events, dealers from all over the country exhibit and sell their miniature crafts. It is a perfect opportunity to network with other enthusiasts, get a market for your miniatures, and browse through offerings of dollhouses, dolls, furniture, and accessories of different varieties.

If the fairs are not enough to infect your friends with the miniature collecting bug, you can also take them to classes and workshops on miniatures that the museum sponsors. Then there's the exhibits themselves. There are also unusual miniatures, like miniature needlework and exquisite silver dinnerware from the Netherlands and India.

dollhouse kit

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