Bratz Dolls - Have They Replaced Barbie?

bratz dolls

Do you know the latest craze among young girls these days? Well, you probably have if you have a little girl at home. But in case you have not, then you should know that it is not as you may have thought.

The days of Barbie doll are over and these leggie beautiful dolls no longer rule the hearts of the young ladies. She has been replaced by the . The reason why that is the case if very simple! For one, these dolls are more in the times and represent the rebellious youth more efficiently than the sexy but straight Barbie. The emphasis of the product is on the face, which is padded with make-up. The make-up used also is extremely trendy and in keeping in with the times. The dolls use eye-shadow profusely and that aspect is emphasized to draw attention. These dolls are not boyish looking ruffians but that have a defiant expression and attitude. This is what appeals to the young girls of today.

The second reason for the popularity of the Bratz dolls is the fact that it is being advertised all over the place. Hate them as much as you like, but the fact of the matter is that the advertising guys have done a good job of developing and placing the advertisements in the right places. Not only are the advertisements alluring and enticing, they are also aired in channels like Cartoon Network and Nick Junior. These are the channels that all kids watch these days. And the ads, therefore, are extremely difficult to miss. To add to that these advertisements are aired day in and day out to ensure that every kid in the country watches them and knows about the Bratz dolls.

bratz dolls

And then there is peer pressure. If your friend has a Bratz doll, then you need to have it too. And there are so may different ones that getting the latest one for your little princess, may cost you a fortune.

To get the latest dolls, you could visit Toys R Us or log onto the Internet to look at the wide range that is available. The Internet is the best place to find a good discount. And it is best to try and shop for Christmas well in time so that the prices are not hiked up due to heavy demand.

By Scotie Keithlow

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