vintage dolls

Executive Summary by Katharine Swan and Low Jeremy

vintage dolls

Doll Collecting - How to Identify Your Vintage Doll

Some dolls can be identified by their maker's mark. Others are more difficult to identify; not all dolls were marked, and some companies sold their molds to other doll manufacturers, creating a host of "look-alikes."

Marked Dolls

Many of the well-known doll manufacturers marked their dolls, so the first thing to do is look for markings. Most markings are on the back of the doll's neck, right underneath the hairline, or on the doll's back. If the doll has her original clothing, that should be checked for identifying marks, too. Many doll manufacturers sewed tags into their doll's clothing, stating who the doll was or what company made her. For example, many American Character dolls were marked simply "A.C."

Unmarked Dolls

Unfortunately, many vintage dolls were not marked. Identifying these dolls require a little more work to identify them.

Research the doll. There are many doll reference books on the market, many of which provide detailed color photographs and descriptions of the different dolls. You can also research your doll online, as there is a host of websites that can help you identify your doll. You can take your doll to a doll hospital or store and ask if they know what it is. Doll shows and sales can be a valuable resource, as you'll find many people there who know and are passionate about all kinds of dolls. You can also have the doll appraised, and hope that the appraiser can tell you something about your doll.

If you are trying to identify a doll, there are many resources available to you.

vintage dolls

Collecting Vintage Barbie Dolls

If you're one of the avid fans and collectors of modern Barbie but would want to possess valuable Barbie items, then you might want to consider collecting for vintage Barbie dolls. Vintage Barbie dolls-those dolls copyrighted by Mattel Incorporated from 1959 to 1972-are becoming quite valuable pieces in the world of antique collection.

- Check if the ears of the have turned to green. Collectors say that this is a very important thing to consider in buying vintage Barbie dolls because it reflects the overall condition of the doll.

- Check is the face of the doll is greasy. The plasticizer that leaks out from its face usually causes greasy face of a vintage Barbie dolls. So make sure that before buying any vintage , you check the face meticulously in order to check its status and condition.

The simplest remedy in removing the grease off the doll's face is by applying powder on it but better be careful because this remedy can worsen the doll's condition by taking off the vintage doll's facial make up.

- Check if the limbs of the vintage Barbie doll can be bent without restraint. - Check is the vintage Barbie doll has a fresh, complete and original face paint. Bright and original face paint on the lips, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, nose and finger and toenails paint are quite valuable assets of a vintage Barbie doll.

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