Fun and Profit Collecting Barbies

Executive Summary By Steve Dolan and Terry Edwards

One of the most popular collector's items is dolls. can range from antique dolls to modern collectible dolls. If you are interested in collecting dolls, it would be a good idea to focus on a particular type of collectible doll.

Certainly one of the most rewarding and exciting is collectible Barbie dolls. While every little girl owns a Barbie, most of them do not collect them. Most of the people who actually collect Barbies are adults. Nearly all these adults are women, and about ten percent of Barbie collectors are male.

How to Collect Barbies

If you wish to maintain the value of your collectible Barbies, you must leave them in their boxes. Part of the value of a Barbie is the original box; therefore most experienced collectors do not ever remove their collectible Barbies from their boxes. The value of collectible Barbies can depreciate by as much fifty percent if they are taken out of their boxes.

As a collector of Barbie dolls you have a choice to make about whether to take the doll out of its box to enjoy while losing out on value, or simply console yourself that the doll in its box is beautiful and will maintain its value even though you will not get a chance to touch and play with it. Before you are able to accurately judge the value of collectible Barbies, you may need to ask an expert or read up on the literature pertaining to collectible Barbie dolls. There are two classes of collectible Barbie, vintage and modern. Vintage dolls are those produced from 1959 to the early eighties; modern dolls are produced from the mid-eighties on. Both classes have collectible value.

The value of your Barbie can depend on several factors. Evaluating the current value of collectible Barbies can be a bit confusing.

What Styles of Barbies to Collect

Most collectors who collect Barbies because of their value will gravitate towards Label dolls. The White Chocolate Obsession Barbie Doll is a wonderful example of such a collectible doll, and the name refers to the scent of white chocolate that exudes from the doll's hair. Other similar collectible Barbies include Faerie Queen, Badgley Mischka Bride Barbie, as well as the very restricted Nurse Barbie doll that has been designed by Robert Best.

However, Barbie dolls are so popular that they are also made based on TV shows, movies, and famous personalities. Collectors find them appealing, and the value of these popular Barbies will often appreciate. When considering collectible Barbies, these are perhaps the type of collectible Barbie doll that will come to mind first.


Barbie Doll Collecting - Something For Everyone

Barbie doll collecting

has been around for quite a while time and has accomplished many things. There are Barbies made for play and there are for collectors. Let's look at the different types of Barbies that you can collect:

Vintage Barbie dolls. These are dolls made before 1972. Pink Box Barbies. The pink box Barbies are the Barbies that are meant for play. The collectible box Barbie is especially designed for adult collectors. Collect by themes. There are many types of themes for Barbie collectors. There are movie themes, such as Gone With The Wind or the Wizard of Oz, celebrity themes, such as Barbie as I Love Lucy, holiday themes, fantasy themes, and the list goes on and on.

Fashion designer collection. Barbies have a condition grading system much like baseball cards.

Improper storage of your doll can cause irreparable damage to the doll and its clothing. The garage, attic or basement is not the place to store your dolls. These places are not climate controlled and the fluctuation between hot and cold can damage the doll. Do not store your dolls in closed plastic bags or plastic Tupperware type containers. These containers can trap in moisture and cause mold to form on your dolls. Storing your doll in their original boxes may seem like a good idea; however it can actually damage the dolls due to the acid in the boxes. If you want to store your doll in the box, wrap it in acid free tissue paper first. Remove any jewelry or metal items from the doll because over time they will discolor plastics.

Wrap everything in acid free tissue paper prior to storage and check your dolls periodically. Under the right storage conditions, your Barbie dolls will still look brand new decades from now. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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