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American Girl Doll Collecting - A Guide For Girls
Executive Summary By Wendy Pan & Karen K Hoffman

American collecting is a fun activity for girls of all ages. The American Girl collection has something for everyone, from Bitty Baby for girls who love baby dolls, to dolls who look just like their owners. Accessories, furniture, books, pets, and friends help to complete a doll's world.

The American Girl website is a good place for girls to start if they are new to the American Girl line of dolls. They can browse through the web site to see all of the dolls that American Girl has to offer. Collecting starts with the doll itself, but offers many different types of accessories that go far beyond clothes. The historical dolls have period furniture, accessories, and even transportation options, such as horses and carriages.

American Girl's retail locations offer special activities for a girl and her American Girl dolls. Of course, the retail locations have the complete lines of American Girl dolls on display for girls to browse and shop.

American Girl doll collecting can be quite an investment. There are many online resources and communities for American Girl doll collecting. For collectors looking for retired products, eBay is the primary place for buying and selling American Girl products. eBay offers up dolls, clothing, accessories, magazines, books, furniture, and so much more.

How to Take Good Care of Your American Girl Doll

doll girlSo you own an American Girl doll. You must know the do's and don'ts in regards to taking care of your doll.


Doll will quickly look old when often exposed to sunlight.
• Wash hands before grabbing the doll. Our hands are oftentimes full of dirt and so grabbing our doll without first washing our hands is not a good idea.
• Clean the face with baking soda. According to some doll collectors, baking soda can help clean doll's face and so it will help if sometimes we use baking soda along with water when cleaning doll's face. Mix baking soda with water first.
• Use a good wire brush when brushing doll's hair. If you can, keep your doll in her box but if you can't just be sure to clean her up regularly.

Don'ts :

Some foods and drinks can cause stain to dolls.
• Don't keep your doll in a damp wet environment.
• Never use a hair dryer or the like on your doll.
• Don't tumble dry her clothes. Aside from your doll, her clothes are also important.

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