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Playing The Dress Up Barbie Doll Game

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If you are Barbie dolls, you might as well learn everything Barbie. A brief but intensive knowledge about Barbie, its history, its makers and certainly help you in your quest to become a Barbie collection.

Barbie was designed by Ruth Handler based on a "Lilli doll" and was marketed as a "doll fashion among teenagers." The full name of "Barbie" Barbara Millicent Roberts was born to George and Margaret Roberts Willows, Wisconsin.

She said to attend Willows High School in Willows in Wisconsin and the International High School in Manhattan in New York. It was introduced on March 9, 1959 by Mattel, Inc. at the American International Toy Fair, and then, Barbie has become the best selling dolls in the world.

doll gameBarbie holds a pilot's license and asked to operate commercial aircraft when it is out of service as a board. Because of his job, Barbie is known to have many friends who are of ethnic diversity and social circle including Hispanic Teresa, African American Christie and Steven (Christie's beautiful), and Kayla. But among them, the most popular companion of Barbie is her boyfriend of long standing, Ken Carson, who followed his debut in 1961.

Besides his love for flying, Barbie also loves animals, so she recorded 38 pets such as dogs, cats, horses, panda, lion and a zebra. Known for her modern lifestyle and luxurious, Barbie owns convertibles, trailers, jeeps and other vehicles under his belt expensive.


In addition to the collections of adorable Barbie dolls that have been created and launched over the years, fans of Barbie could not just get enough of her, so many of them created various things that are related to the doll. Some of these goods, souvenirs, films, and other souvenirs.

But among them, the most popular of which was invented because of Barbie's dress is the Barbie doll game. This game has become popular for girls and for girls who are young at heart. doll game

Dress up Barbie doll game allows players to dress in clothes with Barbie fashion walk hairdressing. This game also allows you to dress your choice of Barbie dolls and gives you an interactive experience with other players.

In addition to dress Barbie in any way you want, this dress Barbie doll game also lets you change the color of the doll's hair, lips and cheeks. If you want to change everything, you can easily reset the game by manipulating the buttons.

The Barbie doll dress game can be downloaded with minimum requirements such as supported OS Windows 2000 or Windows XP. You can also share them by sending it via funny messengers.

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