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paper doll heaven

Choosing Paper Doll Heaven

One might wonder what's on these Games Dress up your daughter continues to talk. You can reject versions as the mother of the former dress up games you used to play with the clothes your mother. It's a bit like that, but contributions to the nature of the Internet, it became a world sensation.

All that are Dress Up Games?

The best way to understand is to remember the paper dolls that you used to love so much. They had a base of paper or cardboard, with a girl or a doll in underwear. There were several dresses of paper and the clothes you had to cut, so that you can dress your doll. The most creative girls who make their own paper so that the clothes they always have new clothes for their dolls.

Thanks to technology and the Internet, paper dolls dolls have become virtual must click and drag, rather than cut and paste. With people from around the world by creating new, every day, the number of sites with games of dress has increased enormously. And each site having at least a few dozen games, there's really no limit to the number of dolls that your daughter can play with.paper doll heaven

Virtual Dolls, the descendants of Paper Dolls

Although the game mechanics are the same, virtual dolls have a much wider range of styles of clothing. Although the paper dolls came in a package that has some pieces of clothing, pieces of virtual doll clothes are limited to the imagination of the designer.

In addition, paper doll clothing is rather conservative and classic, with only minor variations of dresses, skirts and blouses, which did not really challenge the imagination. Virtual dolls can become students, teachers, police, astronauts, pirates, singers, actresses and almost anything that your daughter wants to be when she grows up.

What is the point of Dress Up Games?

The same as paper dolls, just to have fun by dressing a doll. The girls play for the same reason that the paper dolls that you played in your childhood. However, because they are in their most elementary nature, digital information, you can save them and give them to other uses.


An avatar is a representation of self in a site that presents online social interaction. While many people use images of themselves as avatars, it is not desirable for security reasons. Much less in the case of your daughter! Recording a doll as a virtual image and then reload the picture as an avatar will keep your daughter safe strangers.

Illustrations for the stories

Most girls who play dress up games have a lot of imagination and creativity. Virtual doll could be the main character of his first story. Having an image of a character, it will be easier to develop a story. Friends and enemies of nature can be created through a game and dress.

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