Boy Dolls

boy dolls

Boys should play with dolls?
By Victor Epand
Traditionally, playing with dolls was seen as a hobby to a girl. 1940s to 1960s, when the dolls were quickly gaining popularity, it is the female children who could be found playing a role in the skin of their mother or grandmother. Today, more and more begin to adopt the concept of boys playing with dolls.
boy dollsDebate boys and dolls is a longstanding, often relations division for argument. Parents of young boys often find weapons with them on a toy, and it does not take long for family members, friends and neighbors to get involved.
Much of the concern - a male perspective - seems to be because the dolls are considered a toy female. Fathers and other men struggle with the mental image to see their "hard" the young son of a pampered baby toys, in fact, many men worry that playing with a doll will bring negative consequences to the future of their son. Outlook acceptance begins with the adult male life itself, including its ability to embrace a lifestyle of others, such as homosexuality.
Most experts agree: Playing with dolls can not possibly cause a boy to develop an overtly feminine side. What parents fail to realize is that caring for a doll requires imagination, care, love and concern from the child. There is something watching a young boy looking for a baby that is comforting and sincere, especially if the child is contrary to shocks and hard.
boy dollsFrom birth, most boys have learned to be resilient and play with trucks and tractors. Although it is possible that boys are instinctively attracted to the "toy boy", they also mimic real life and other comrades. If a boy sees a girl playing with a doll, he will also play a role. It is also common for boys who spend most of their time with their mother or female caregiver to be attracted by traditional girl toys. Adult females often accept the situation that male influence by supporting a boy to follow him wherever his imagination take him in May.
Overall, most parents and educators believe that the activities should not be disaggregated by sex. Boys should have as much a chance that the girls play at home, care for dolls, toys or use mops and brooms. As they progressed years considerably less is placed on traditional roles, making it increasingly important for young boys to realize the importance of equality between the sexes.

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