Make Dolls

make dolls

Tips to make your own Doll
By Lucy Bushman
If you are interested in making dolls or one of your main hobby arts and crafts, it is probably enjoy being able to make your own doll. Here's a secret, as simple and easy as you want to do, or as complex and difficult as you want to do. To you, because it's your doll!
make dollsDoll is a pleasure pleasure, and when you create a doll, you will create both a masterpiece and a legacy. You can make a doll from something as simple as old rags and buttons, a "rag doll" or you can use weapons store bought doll, legs and head to create your own doll plush. Any type of dolls can be made with minimal amounts of cash or you can spend as much as you want.
Most arts and craft stores carry dolls already, be it a stuffed baby doll or a doll of "fashion" in heights ranging from 5 "inch 30" inch height . Stuffed baby dolls are wonderful to make gifts for children with, and you can make special outfits for them. Or you can make a doll of fashion and make garments made from knitted or crocheted court held fabric, etc. Again, when you make your own doll, the sky is the limit. Use your imagination and see what you can find.
Dolls made by hand can be given in keep-sake or gifts Heirloom, or they can be sold at craft fairs or art shows for quite a bit of variation. It's your choice what you do with the dolls you make. There's nothing like ARTISAN something with your own hands, using your own imagination and the materials you have on hand. Soda bottles or dish soap containers can be covered with a cloth and "dolls Granny" made using an old dried apple for a head.
make dollsDoll "scrap" can be made using a hand towel and a washing machine. Simply roll the size of a hand towel, then roll the washing machine, fold the size of a hand on a towel, tie off the top of the "head" with a piece of yard or string, then place the rolled wash cloth in the next section down, then leaves a tie just below the washing machine, now you have taken up arms! "Rag Dolls" can be given to children as gifts and so beautiful fabrics are used, with pretty buttons for eyes, then you have a legacy.
When you make your own doll, there is a sense of satisfaction with it, and when you give dolls handmade that you have made as gifts, they are wonderfully appreciated and will be valuable for years to come. All handmade gift is appreciated, but dolls made by hand are one of the best. They can be displayed nicely, they can be played with and may even be kissed and cuddled with.
Make your own doll, and enjoy the simple beauty of making something beautiful!

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