Doll Hair

doll hair

Doll Hair Curling
by Patti LaValley
Here is a fantastic thing you can try for making doll curls. It works on mohair, synthetic hair and even SON! Rejuvenate corkscrew curls, or start from scratch. It is surprisingly easy and fun to do.

doll hair

1. Heat knitting needles in the oven at low temperature. You want to use a thick waist and they need to be all metal.
2. Carefully remove from oven. They should feel warm, but not so hot you burn your fingers. (If you burn your skin, they will burn fiber!) If possible, wear cotton gloves.

doll hair

You have created a miniature curling irons for dolls!
3. Wrap the hair around the knitting needle and hold in place as you would in the hair salon. You can get corkscrews using this method.
I learned this from Patti La Valley. She has some lovely grounds rag doll with curly hair house.

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