Barbie Princess

Top 7 Ideas For by Dancing Barbie Princess Party Supplies, Games and Decoration
Barbie Princess1st. For some fantastic invitations, cut the Barbie ballet shoe design from paper and decorate with markers and stickers of flowers. Write party details on the back.

2. Close banners themes and lots of pink and white balloons and ribbons to make your party area look like a space ball.

3. As each guest arrived for the party, their hands explosion daughter. Be sure to set out many Barbie Princess coloring pages for the guests to the color you wait for everyone to come.

4th. For the Dancing Barbie Princess games, playing "Dancing Tiles." Fashion magic tile or stone with a square of felt. Use permanent markers or fabric paints to decorate the stones with your child's favorite flower. Barbie PrincessPlace a "Magic Tiles" in a circle formation. Play classical music while the guests dance from tile to tile. You can encourage children to turn around every now and then. When the music stops, call out the color of the flowers in a circle. People on the flower color will win a prize. Play until everyone has received a gift.

5. Play "Pass the Magic Slippers." Playing this game as you would "Hot Potato".

The position of girls in the circle. Pass a ballet shoes from player to player, while music is playing. When the music stops, the player holding the shoe will be seated in the center for one round, or he could be responsible for the music for one round. When the game ends, pencil surprises daughter with a Barbie dance.

Barbie PrincessVariation: You can use other items such as tiaras, or Barbie princess wand is not ballet slippers.

6. Fill the bag with the Barbie princess gave assistance to your guests to feel the mood to dance: pencils, stickers, tattoos, mini dots, and an explosion.

7. Use Barbie Thank you notes or folds of pink and white paper in half and wrote a thank you note to each guest you tell them how much you appreciate them coming to your party. By Bonnie Larsen

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