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Caravan Hire - Important Documents
When she offers you to rent a caravan is important that you have all the necessary documents to take reservations, already in place. Many new owners are often unsure what documents they need, hopefully the list below will help.

Cover Letter - Provide your guests with all your contact details, eg name, address, contact number and possibly your web address, if applicable. Caravan HireYou must also declare any arrangement about key collection and drop off. If you have someone who looks after the caravan hire for you (like many people) make sure to include their contact number, in case your guests need any assistance during their stay. You also may want to give reminders of what is provided in the caravan and also what they are asked to provide their own needs, ie bed linen, towels, tea towels.

Booking Form - This allows you to collect all required details of your guests, namely the number of parties, names, ages, addresses, contact numbers. You also may want to ask for car registration numbers. Each line is also clearly a minimum age for party leaders and state that the person who signed the booking form is responsible for all the parties and their behavior at all times. Including payment details, i.e. deposits, bonds. Also states currently due and if any provisions that apply.

Caravan HireGuide Price - Not everyone will want to provide their price list but can be useful as a guest you may want to return at the end of the year.

Terms & Conditions - Here you should outline what is expected from your guests and what is not allowed, ie smoking, no pets, no single sex or youth groups. This could be your only security in the unfortunate case of disputes, so please make sure to actually put some thought into this and make sure you cover yourself. Do not forget to include that party leaders have to sign your Terms & Conditions and by doing so they except responsibility for the entire party and the cost of the damage. By Lisa Finley

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