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Barbie Collector Dolls Handbook
As the popularity of Barbie doll continues to celebrate the year 1950, the Barbie Barbie Collector Dollscollector dolls, is also gaining popularity. Here's a short list with the passage of time in the world of Barbie collector dolls.

Barbie collector dolls love to collect vintage Barbie dolls from the 70's. The reason for this is that until about 1967, Mattel produced a very high quality doll with top fashion appropriate to go with it. This doll is known as "Vintage."

This was after a period of time when a new look Barbie came out, along with contemporary fashion. 70 beginning of the period of time when Mattel began to focus more on profits than on quality. Dolls of the 70 and even 80 was designed more to play. They become more plastic and less quality. With their new outfit looks and all the luxury and glamorous, there is a unique and worthy of collecting these dolls. So, early doll a hit with collectors.

It was not until 1986, when the situation began to change. Mattel has released a doll Barbie Collector Dollsdesigned for older collectors. Rhapsody In Blue Porcelain Barbie Porcelain Barbie current version. That's fine, but it was only the beginning of things more in the future.

Two years later, in 1988, Mattel released its Happy Holiday Barbie. These dolls are very limited circulation, and high levels of sales. It soon became difficult to get your hands on, and now the doll is worth almost $ 600.

Of course, this success gave the idea to produce Mattel Happy Holiday Barbie dolls each year. However, they also came up with 35 years of Barbie dolls. This is probably the most difficult to find a Barbie collector dolls ever made. This is a reproduction of 1959 original dolls that started it all.

Suddenly, as the Beanie Baby craze, collectors snapped Each doll they could find. Prices have skyrocketed in the collectible marketplace. It was not long, though. Mattel has decided to rectify the situation by increasing the production to the point where the Barbie Collector Dollscollection is no longer a question of financial gain. the bottom fell out on this doll almost overnight.

Today, Barbie collector dolls are still hot, but only with certain dolls and accessories. For example, 1959 was the original Barbie sold for $ 10.000. As for the future, only time will tell, but I do not dare bet against the new craze collector to wait. In the end, 50 years his horizon.

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