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Painting techniques doll house kits
Painting takes about half the time you spend to make your doll house kits. Nice to see added to the doll house with new colors and designs.Doll House Kits Our advice on painting a doll house itself is as follows: a plan picture of the process, select the brush and paint a smooth double coat.

Plan for the process of painting
We encourage you to protect the areas that you do not need to write or be painted a different color ribbon tape or painters. This method provides a straight line, as well as accelerate the detailed work, because you do not have to worry about cracks or edge.

In addition, only one end of doll house pattern is to use wax paper instead of newspaper to put part of the wet. We found that when we lay down your newspaper will surely attract a few small pieces of paper in A Doll's House ", when you take it. Wax paper will not be attached to the walls of your Dollhouse wet.

Select the appropriate brush
Doll House KitsIt's almost ridiculous to think about our first doll house kits. We really want everything to be perfect. We use a very small brush, perhaps, ¼ inch wide, to make the process of painting, and we found very quickly that it will last forever. In addition, we find that there are real differences in the brush, and that there is a brush for the different types of material. Check your local craft store and ask them for a good strong brush that will work well with the wood surface.

We recommend that you have a different brush size. Large brush should be about 4-5 inches, the next size will be 1 inch wide, and you want one or two fines (¼ to ½ inch) brush with which you can paint the windows, and other small pieces. Quick Tip: if you're going to have some people working on this, we recommend that you have more than one brush with the same size.

Several smooth coat of paintDoll House Kits
How many coats should I wear? This is a common question among new designers doll house kits. Council helps it to focus more on consistency of the coat. Let one coat dry thoroughly and if you look really close you everything is in order to stop, but if you thin or not, we would recommend wearing a different coat. It is important to remember is consistency.

Good luck in your painting process! Just do not forget to slow until you get the talent. If you are planning to exit, use the right hand, and it remains smooth and consistent you'll create a beautiful doll house kits from you.
Stephanie Watson

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