Doll Family

doll family

Doll Family Overviews

By Kang Arnot

Doll family is a family that clearly set to play a doll house to give a big update. I found The Doll Family for a great value price. In addition, they fit perfectly into a wooden dollhouse. Another plus is that the doll can be bent into various positions that make it very convenient to pretend play. The right size for a wooden dollhouse.

doll family

Family doll made of wood with hand painted, and come dressed in soft fabric with yarn hair. This family doll set encourages imaginative play for girls and little boys together. This free-standing, poseable doll family includes a mother, father, grandmother and grandfather.

Perfect for a family dolls creative play for children more than three years. They are not suitable for children so young that might put them in their mouths.

doll family

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