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doll repair

Antique Doll Repair
Andrew Stratton

Your probably beliefs your nearest doll or maybe it was your grandmother's best friend. No matter if you have inherited my grandmother's favorite collection or a special that, with doll repair you can preserve doll for the future.

Sunlight is the mortal enemy of this doll - it disappeared and weaken the fabric that make up the clothes and his face disappeared. If you must have your favorite toy in a sunny room, try to stay out of direct sunlight. Even indoor fluorescent lighting can cause damage. To protect the doll from indirect lighting, you can buy a UV cover for the case of (expensive) or just enough to hang the case with a thin piece of fabric (cheaper & just as well).

doll repairDust is also damaging the beautiful game. It works the way into the fabric of the dress and the doll's own possession in some cases. If you can not save it in a closed cabinet, then make sure they are cleaned regularly using a soft bristled brush. If this wonderful toy is not stored in a case, please do not leave the room with an open window where outside soil and pollution can achieve. Do not leave Fido in the game that he thought Abigail Hair favorite doll is a delicious treat!

Smoking is a big no no! Nicotine stains and the model itself and the clothes still smell too. Stains are almost impossible to remove and should you choose to sell the toys, the smell of smoke will reduce its value.

If you have the ability to keep your toys in a closed display cabinet, do ... put them out of the road dust, sunlight and pets and make them safe. When displaying your toys in the closet, be careful not to come into contact with the wood because there is acid that will damage it. A piece of unbleached muslin provide a barrier between the wood and your toys.

A word about the temperature - extremes that are not good for you and they are not good for a good doll. Too hot can make certain types of toys to melt, too cold might make them a particular crack. A good rule is to keep them at the same temperature you will feel comfortable at. The attic and basement are not good storage area for them due to changes in temperature and humidity levels.

If you want to save the doll, her clothes should be removed, placed flat and wrapped in acid free paper to avoid folds in the fabric. Your doll should be wrapped very carefully with acid-free and stored flat on a soft padded surface. While it may be tempted to put the toys in air tight plastic containers, do not do it. The smallest amount of moisture can make your moldy toys apart in a plastic container.

doll repairIf large-scale toy needs recovery, you will see out the doll doctor who specializes in the kind of toys you have. You may find them listed under the restoration of dolls, doll doctor, antique doll repair.

Before entrusting your toys like a doctor, ask to see some improvements they have done on a doll like yours. Did they follow the tradition of how it was created initially (such as using the original type of hair) or will it be replaced with synthetic? How the painting process? How do they match the color? Of course, clothing is also important ... can they fix the clothes or if they have any other original clothing for sale?

Just like you would find in a doctor's qualifications, asking questions is the best way to find out about them. Chat with other toy collectors in your area is another resource to find this doll doctors. Most physicians have a love doll real doll and will treat them as compassionate as you.

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