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Looking for a real baby doll - the processes involved in the creation of Reborn dolls
There are many real baby doll look, but probably the most realistic of all is the so-Real Baby Dollcalled "Reborn" dolls. This doll is made of vinyl and they begin their life as a doll that was distributed so that the first, then disassembled and reused. Hence the name "born again."

This is a real eye dolls now in great demand by collectors and fans the same uncompromising. And not in vain - for high-end dolls, the artist will spend a lot of time and effort in creating realistic attributes.

As soon as the artist works his craft, dolls production can be truly representative, and heReal Baby Doll became one for a real child. Is it any wonder why this doll is not so much a toy to work even more, but quite serious and valuable art should be respected?

This process is accurate, and it is methodical. The first doll was stripped of all paint factory and / or hair. Artists will often start with the hair, which seeks to children Angora mohair. Hair sealed inside the head, which allows the set. Then painted.

In addition, the bodies are hand-painted to give natural color of skin. After drying, oil paint, oil-based pastels are used to further enhance the look of leather. Real Baby DollEyebrows are added with acrylic paint, and then his lips were added in the same manner and with the brilliance of finished sealant.

Hand rooted mohair, usually used for the eyelashes. And then the nasal cavity was opened. Nails and nails that were added and then covered with white tips. Finally, the limbs are filled either with glass beads or plastic, or with fine sand, which produces a realistic weight of the doll. This is covered with a poly fill. This completes the plan process, in which looking for a real baby doll are made.C Roberts J J

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