Greenleaf Doll Houses

Greenleaf Doll Houses Kit - Explaining the difference
With many companies offering different greenleaf doll houses design is beautiful, Greenleaf Doll Housesjust to visual interpretation Dollhouse kit make your mind for you. There are a few things, but you should know when choosing greenleaf doll houses kit.

There are two main types of wood kits on the market today.
Die Cut Kits Doll House - For those of you who are not familiar with this term, I will try to explain how it works. You start with a large sheet of thin plywood, usually about 1/8-1/4 "thick. Plywood must be thin enough to allow large volumes of" Die "to press for plywood, effective through to complex shapes that, when installed together, form Die Cut your doll house traditional house offers a selection of more complex designs and to develop a home bar .. this is the most suitable for plywood debris did not thick enough to withstand heavy play. collectors love the design element and are wellGreenleaf Doll Houses prepared to spend the extra time required for grinding, filling and complete the tab and slot design is only necessary glue to hold them together .. the most popular works from the dead greenleaf doll houses company in North America today, Greenleaf and Corona Concepts dollhouse.

Cabinet Plywood Dollhouse Kit - 3 / 8 "plywood is commonly used in the Assembly This kit includes a small nail and glue these houses are much more powerful to be used for games, and generally simpler in design than the house they cut off some ... higher end homes are stunning work with components, turned spindle porch, and many of the elements that mimic their larger counterparts perfectly. Exterior plywood on the smooth surface of this kit can be painted, the plaster may be added, or you can add real wood siding really look realistic Vermont Real Good Toys is the largest and most respected greenleaf doll houses maker house of plywood in North America today ..

Milled MDF - by analogy with a solid plywood house milled MDF (MDF), Greenleaf Doll Housesengineered wood product formed by breaking softwood wood fibers, combining it with wax and resin, and formed into panels with temperature and pressure. It is much denser than normal particleboard. MDF sheets similar to plywood, but they offer the only difference. "On the side" in the doll house that can be milled directly into the outside wall of a set of MDF, to create realistic when painted exterior. MDF weight, hold fair play, as well as take nails for assembly. Dura-Craft houses MDF puppets to dominate the market for many years, and their death left a hole in the market of a dollhouse. Real Good Toys is now offering many of their Dollhouse kit with a choice of smooth finished plywood or MDF, depending on the choice of consumers. With Jane Cremasco

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